Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Well done to all cast members , production team and backstage crew. Fantastic production!!!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Original production directed by Martin Charnin.
Originally produced by Irwin Meyer, Stephen R. Friedman,
Lewis Allen, Alvin Nederlander Associates Inc.,
The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Icarus
Based on "Little Orphan Annie" (R) by permission of the
Tribune Media Services Inc.
Carriageworks Theatre
 Millennium Square, Leeds
Thursday 24th - Sat 26th November 2016 7.30pm 
(Saturday Matinee 3pm)
 Adults £14 Concessions £12
Box Office (0113 224 3801)

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with

Saturday, 25 June 2016

ANNIE CAST LIST in order of appearance:
Annie                                                             Bethany Harrington

Molly                                                               Daisy Strathie
Pepper                                                            Molly Ballinger
Duffy                                                               Megan Dyer
Kate                                                                Eva Beswick
Tessie            (Annie understudy)                   Scarlett Johnson
July                                                                 Sophie Foster
Other Orphans                                                Sophia Wray, Izzy Harris
                                                            Annie Cockcroft, Tierney Daw, Macy-Jo Thompson
Miss Hannigan                                             Aimee Townend
Bundles McCloskey, laundry man                William Rowe
Apple Seller                                                  Lauren Gray
Ass Dog Catcher                                          Ella Wilson
Dog Catcher                                                 Tierney Daw
Sandy, the dog                                               Seamus
Lt. Ward                                                        Joe Broadhead
Woman 1                                                      Teagan Simpson
Eddie  & Man 1                                      William Booth
Woman 2                                                       Imogen Fisher
Man 3                                                             Megan Smith
Man 4                                                             Natalie Holmes
Sophie                                                           Harriet Seedhouse
Man 2                                                             Emma Hewison
Woman 3                                                       Erin Brady
Woman 4                                                       Becky Jennings
Radio Announcer (voice over)
Grace Ferrell                                                 Olivia Smith
Drake, English butler                                     Sam Dorsman
Mrs. Greer                                                      Harriet Seedhouse
Mrs. Pugh                                                     Lauren Gray                                           
Cecille                                                            Ruby Bowden
Annette                                                          Megan Smith
Oliver Warbucks                                            Seb Storey
Star To Be                                                     Ruby Bowden
Usherette                                                       Erin Brady
Kid                                                                  Tierney Daw            
Rooster                                                          Owen Savage
Lily St. Regis                                                 Sarah  Wilson
Sound Effects Person                                  Evie Daw
Jimmy Johnson                                            William Booth
McCracken (and Wacky)                            Emma Hewison       
Ronnie Boylan                                             Harriet Seedhouse
Bonnie Boylan                                             Ruby Bowden
Connie Boylan                                             Alice Fearnley
Bert Healey                                                   Matilda Leonard      
Kaltenborn (pre- recorded)
Ickes                                                               Harriet Seedhouse
Perkins                                                          Lauren Gray
Hull                                                                 Millie Breakspeare                                      
Morganthau                                                  Joe Broadhead
President Roosevelt                                       William Booth                                 
Howe                                                              Ruby Bowden

Judge Brandeis                                            William Rowe

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Our Cousin Flo information and dates:

The performances at The Carriageworks Theatre in April and in the Rose Garden at Lotherton Hall in June will involve everyone. Before that we are performing the opening scene of the play in the drawing room at Lotherton which will only involve the opening scene actors.

The opening scene cast only-
Feb 29th filming at Lotherton Hall ( opening scene cast needed)

The opening scene cast only-
March 17th opening scene performed for the opening of the exhibition( opening scene cast needed)

The opening scene cast only-
March 19th possibly performing opening scene on Saturday morning but this to be confirmed although likely to happen.

April 17th Carriageworks Theatre Get in and tech/ dress rehearsal for full cast ( exact time to follow nearer the time).
April 18th & 19th performances.

Everyone -
June 10th Lotherton Set up and rehearsal in Rose Garden.
June 11th & 12th afternoon performances.

If we can get the play up and running as soon as possible then I may look to try to put on a cabaret as we have done in previous years.  I am trying to keep as many involved by having Tuesday rehearsals for everyone but unfortunately this may mean that
there may be some nights when some come along and don't do anything. If anyone wants to pull out until the play is finished I am happy for that to happen, just let me know. Thanks, Steve.